Nature saponins are harvested from the bark of trees

The Quillaja saponaria tree is a growing evergreen native to Chile. Quillaja bark bearing rich saponins which have long been used for medicinal and commercial purposes. These saponins are used as an emulsifier and foaming agent in cosmetics, beer, and soft drinks. In recent years, Quillaja saponins serve an even greater purpose as a key ingredient in life-saving vaccines. QS-21, a golden standard saponin adjuvant, has been approved by FDA in the formulation of shingle vaccine and malaria vaccine and Martix M is used in Covid-19 vaccine. With the promising immune responses in vaccines, Quillaja harvesting is currently unsustainable. In addition, QS-21’ widespread use is limited by its structural instability and dose-limiting toxicity, and the low-yielding nature of the purification processes.

Our proprietary next generation saponin-based adjuvant IA05

IA-05 is a truncated QS-21 analogue with improved tolerability, stability, and long-term immune responses in combination of various antigens. IA05 is expected to lead novel utilities in development of immunotherapies and therapeutic vaccines.

IA05 is able to induce long lasting T cell response and would help vaccine to have better efficacy and protection.

We have assembled a highly experienced medical and product development team to execute our product development plan.  IA-05 is obtained from semi-synthesis, as well as total synthesis and we are capable to supply unlimited amounts.